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June 19, 2020   Four person crew for advertising shoot in Chemnitz

The Covid-19 situation in Germany has stabilized for now, and we are officially back in business providing production crews to countries around the world who want to shoot in Germany. For the last 20 years we've been proving our ability to manage all aspects of a shoot without anyone from a commissioning company necessarily having to come to Germany in person.
Working for the Florida's Production HUB on our first American based booking since start of the pandemic, we set off to to town of Chemnitz to produce a portrait/testimonial of a local shop owner who uses the services of a well-known shopping app. We shot two-camera interviews with an Arri Amira and and Arri Alexa Mini, gathering b-roll using the Mini on a gimbal. Our client's San Francisco-based producer sat in on interviews via Google Meet.